Sneak IT



Let's Play Tag!

Disclaimer: This product has a risk of choking. Please do not snack on it or feed to your intended target. Keep away from young ones, as well as your pets.
1. The purpose of the game is to get the bracelet in or on your targets hand or wrist, with a few add ons.

How do I TAG someone?
2. This may be done by sneaking up to the target, and slipping it onto their wrist. if the try to stop you in the middle of placement they are IT! you may also leave the bracelet where it can be seen in the home, where there is temptation to touch or pick it up.
3. What if I want to target anonymously without contact?
This may be done by placing the bracelet in places, it may be found.
Doorknobs, tables, car windows. be creative.
4. Can I take the QR code off the bracelet?
You may take off the QR code, if you are playing with your family or specific friend challenge. If you wish to add more people to the game, then please keep the QR code on, so the others may learn the game play and rules.
Can I purchase more bracelets for the game and for personal wear?
As of right now, it is TBA. If you send me a message, acquiring, I can working something out.

If you have any other questions, please contact me.
Optional Game Play add-ons:

Tell Me!!!
* What is your story?
* Tell me about yourself.
* Where were you tagged?
* What do you think of the game?

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